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Pilates & restorative movement

to bring your body back to life!

If you’re tired of feeling like your body is aging too soon…

If you have osteoporosis, arthritis or chronic pain that makes exercise challenging…

Or you just really love mindful, exploratory movement…

Then join me for a spine-safe Pilates & movement experience that gives you

power and confidence over how your own body works!

My latest course:

Overwhelmed by the endless amount of internet information?

Unsure what’s going to be safe and effective for you and your unique situation?

My classes and courses are designed to help you hone in on what solves your immediate issues AND gives you long-term movement and lifestyle options for confidence, strength, mobility and balance.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here!

Every live class is about who’s there on the mat (online or in person). Every online course comes with options, modifications and suggestions about how to make things fit your particular situation. 

My classes and courses aren’t about weight loss or the fancy exercises you see in traditional Pilates classes. They’re based on current science in movement, mobility, pain, mindfulness and breathing. They’re about education, awareness and giving yourself some love and appreciation!

All my classes are bone-safe to meet you where you are now and get you where you want to go!

Over 20 years of teaching, thousands of live students and course participants have challenged me, changed me and taught me. I learn from every class I teach and I get the indescribable honour of sharing that with you!

Ready to give it a try?

Join me for Zoom or in-studio classes at my studio in Toronto, Boomerang Pilates.

Personally tailored to whoever’s present, my classes are all about giving you the exercises and movements that solve your issues and allow you to progress towards your goal, whether that’s a bone-safe way to move with osteoporosis, to take on a big hike or to be able to play for hours with your grandchildren.

Take one of my pre-recorded courses aimed at specific subjects.

My online program, Osteoporosis: the MoveSMART Method, is for you if you have bone density issues and want not just a comprehensive library of spine-safe exercises, but a whole system laid out for you that includes my personal support. You get all the contents of the program forever and you also have 12 weeks of coaching calls, Facebook accountability chats and my support through emails and our private Facebook group. 

It’s a small group program so you never get lost in the crowd. If you aren’t at the coaching calls (which are recorded for your convenience of course), I’ll check in with you! We’re in this together 💗 

Pelvic Floor Fundamentals and Hips & Shoulders, Knees & Toes are small, accessible on-demand courses that you can use every day, right away.

I have two free mini-courses as well! Better Balance and Bone Basics get you started right away!

Get 1:1 movement coaching with me.

Online and in-person I occasionally have open spots for working with you individually. We’ll work together to create a movement map that gets you where you want to go!

Meet Alison


Alison has an approach to movement and health that includes exercise-specific movement, natural everyday movement, somatic body and brain exploration and a deep conviction that how our brains and bodies get together makes all the difference to how we feel.

Combining functional, exploratory details and alignment with fluid, intuitive movement and an emphasis on acceptance and fun leads to sustainable change that helps you feel better for life!

Move with


Work with Alison online or in person at her studio, Boomerang Pilates in Toronto.

Join Alison for a coaching & movement program for those with Osteoporosis!

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Alison’s YouTube

Alison loves sharing videos for FREE on YouTube! There’s something for everyone.

Kind Words

“Experienced, nuanced and generous with her knowledge for all things movement. Alison is truly a gifted teacher and communicator and allows you to look at the complex human body in a totally different light. I’m grateful for any opportunity I get to learn from her!”

Diana M

Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Kind Words

“You are a great translator and communicator Alison, so warm and relate-able but also clearly very very knowledgeable too. A rare mix.”

Mel P.

Pilates and Restorative Movement Teacher

Kind Words

“Alison is a wonderful teacher and teaching mentor. Her deep knowledge of movement and bodies is only matched by her empathy, warmth and enthusiasm. Alison has helped shape my teaching in many ways, ranging from helping me understand technical issues to supporting my confidence when I was struggling. She’s creative, resourceful, thorough and always focused on exploring for ways to help me help my own body and my students, and she’s the person I call to this day when there’s something I can’t figure out.”

Petra F.

Movement Coach and Business Owner

Musings about movement

the Blog

Osteoporosis and Guidelines for Movement

Have you been diagnosed with osteoporosis? Are you totally confused about what that means for your movement and exercise?
If so, you’re not alone!

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