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I love movement education and believe that everyone can benefit from an understanding of how and why the body moves.  My teaching is detailed and nuanced (with a dash of humour and a bit of sass) because I want to share that understanding with all my clients while they have fun!

Everybody has their own movement history and that narrative informs what I teach and how I teach it whether that means using different movement modalities or a different instructional narrative that respects injury or previous life experiences. As a trauma-informed practitioner it is my honour to create a safe space for clients to move and learn.

I started out teaching Pilates and continued to evolve my teaching as a Nutritious Movement Centre-certified Restorative Exercise Specialist-CPT and Movement for Trauma practitioner. I learn from and communicate with leading professionals in the movement world regularly so that my practice never stops growing!

In recent years I have mentored young teachers and have now created the Move SMART program. Sustainable Movement & Authentic Teaching is for all modalities of teachers and for therapeutic body-work professionals who prescribe exercise, because good teaching skills surpass all the boundaries of style and content.

Move SMART with Alison Crouch

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Move SMART with Alison Crouch

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