How often do you think this….

“I TOTALLY meant to get some stretching in today and I just forgot/ didn’t have time/ got super busy/ate ice cream instead!”

I have been known to say this. (Also cheese and wine occasionally get in my way. Also reading murder mysteries in the bathtub and lounging around talking to my husband and/or my kids.)
I know that if I get my own most stubborn spots dealt with in the morning, before I start my day, then I move better and feel better  and that’s pretty great!

I am NOT a morning person, though, so I have to be efficient.

Here are my focus areas:

I was a gymnast and a synchronized swimmer as a kid (along with wearing regular shoes and boots for the first 45 years of my life), so I have really TIGHT CALVES.

I was born with a serious case of INTERNAL ROTATION IN MY HIPS. I learned to walk with orthopedic shoes and a metal bar between my legs. It worked pretty well, but I still have a doozy of an internal rotation in my left hip particularly.

Despite being a movement teacher, I spend a fair bit of time on my computer and my phone, so I have TIGHT SHOULDERS and a HYPERKYPHOSIS (excessive curve of the upper back).

While I eat breakfast standing at the island I stretch my calves, my ankles and my lateral hips.

Then I move to the living room and do Clocks, an amazing upper body rotation that I love for its benefit to the shoulders, trunk muscles and breathing. It’s in the video below-you’ll love it!

I do a short set of hip rotations on each side making sure I focus on activating my deep hip muscles rather than just lifting my knee as high as it can go. More is not necessarily better for me!

I flip over on my back for a thoracic spine stretch to help with the tight back that also wakes up my abs (bonus!) and then I finish up with some pez dispensers for a straight leg approach to external rotation that adds some variety for my hips. Want to see it live and in person? Here is the morning movement routine video!.

So I got the first part done while I ate my breakfast and that left me with another 5 minutes or so to do as I wait for the kettle to boil and make my tea to take to the studio. Shazaam! My morning wake up routine works for me.

It’s all in the video… give it a try!
But please keep in mind- those are the exercises that work best for me and my body… play around and see what feels like the best time investment for you!

What are YOUR sticky spots? How do you fit your movement into YOUR busy days? I love to hear from you!



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