Teacher Immersion

The MoveSMART Method is a training for people who really want to TEACH.

In person training with Alison Crouch at Boomerang Pilates, Toronto.

Find your true, authentic teaching voice and build a strong, sustainable practice teaching what you love!

Are you ready to learn? To be curious? To ask questions and challenge assumptions? To dive in deep and discover more about yourself, your body and your capacity to share your love of movement with the world? To build long-lasting relationships with clients who love you?

If you’re looking to teach rather than instruct, then you’re ready for the MoveSMART Method.

During your training you’ll learn the Pilates for Modern Bodies Fundamentals, a sustainable series of movements and exercises, designed to help offset the effects of our current sedentary lifestyles. These are non-modality-specific, so you can apply them to whatever you teach. Whether they fit into your classes or not, the planes of motion, and the ways we move in them are a part of everyday life!

To make sure you understand what your clients are doing and how to plan safe and effective sessions, you’ll move beyond the anatomy basics of your initial teacher training and learn functional anatomy which gets into the nervous system and the fascial net.

There’s more to being a successful movement teacher than repeating exercises, so there are two components to the MoveSMART Method: Sustainable Movement instruction and Authentic Teaching strategies.

But teaching is so much more than that!

The MoveSMART Method is a training for people who really want to TEACH.

The Course includes 55 hours of in-class time plus 15 hours of homework including: observation, personal practice (classes, privates and journaled home practice)

This training is all about you, what you bring to the mat: your questions, your passions, your priorities. Every training session will be a bit different, as each cohort builds a cohesive team approach.

During THE course you will learn about:

  • How to build relationships with your clients in classes and private sessions.
  • Trauma awareness for self and clients, polyvagal theory and creating a safe space.
  • Common conditions and injuries and scope of practice.
  • Modifications, safety and responsible teaching.
  • Current pain science.
  • Class planning based on the MoveSMART method pyramid template.
  • Creative sequencing.
  • What’s the WHY?
  • Cuing and communication.
  • Tactile cueing and consent.
  • Props and bolstering.
  • Teach the bodies in front of you: modifications, relationships, trust, and communication.

  • Therapeutic relationships, boundaries, scope of practice and referring out.

  • How to teach privates.
  • How to manage your own personal practice.

“Alison is a wonderful teacher and teaching mentor. Her deep knowledge of movement and bodies is only matched by her empathy, warmth and enthusiasm. Alison has helped shape my teaching in many ways, ranging from helping me understand technical issues to supporting my confidence when I was struggling. She’s creative, resourceful, thorough and always focused on exploring for ways to help me help my own body and my students, and she’s the person I call to this day when there’s something I can’t figure out.”


Petra Fisher, Movement Coach


“You are a great translator and communicator Alison, so warm and relatable but also clearly very very knowledgeable too. A rare mix.”

Mel P. Owner of Move Well

“Experienced, nuanced and generous with her knowledge for all things movement.

Alison is truly a gifted teacher and communicator and allows you to look at the compex human body in a totally different light.

I’m grateful for any opportunity I get to learn from her!”

Diana M.

Sustainable Movement:


During your training you’ll learn the Pilates for Modern Bodies Fundamentals, a sustainable series of movements and exercises designed to help offset the effects of our sedentary current lifestyles. Based on planes of motion and joint-specific movement, you can apply these exercises in any modality to prepare and advance your clients with confidence, ease, mobility and strength.

What is a sustainable take on alignment?

Functional, whole body alignment means that how we place our bodies effectively varies from person to person, depending on where we are in our bodies, in our movement journeys. It is the complete opposite of aesthetic alignment, which is an arbitrary placement of body parts based on how things “should” look. You’ll learn how to apply these important skills to make sure that every client is getting the most out of their movement.

You will learn more about functional anatomy, the nervous system and fascia and how to program smart, progressive classes based on contemporary movement science.

Authentic Teaching:


The MoveSMART Method is a training for people who really want to TEACH.

Bringing your authentic self to your teaching looks different for everyone.

It might mean abandoning a “teaching script” or fixed order of movements and using your own words and choices for everything you share.

It might mean being open to taking risks and failing and sharing that with your students.

It might mean being empathetic and available to those students who have experienced trauma.

Being authentic is different for everyone because WE are all different!

But there are some things that ring true every time.


Authentic teaching:

  • Means you are co-creating a moment in time with everyone in your class or private session. There’s a give and take, a call and response feeling to a session where everyone is in the same space, learning and teaching through a shared movement experience.
  • Is about connection, listening and respect. It means you are bringing curiosity and integrity to your teaching rather than tips, tricks and techniques.
  • Means that no-one is left behind in the class because you aren’t sure how to modify or adapt for them.
  • Comes with having spent time and energy exploring your own identity as a teacher and as a human.

Authentic teaching means passion, love, integrity, curiosity and the courage to be human on and off the mat.




Alison Crouch

Owner of Boomerang Pilates and the MoveSMART Movement.

I love movement education and believe that everyone can benefit from an understanding of how and why the body moves.  My teaching is detailed and nuanced (with a dash of humour and a bit of sass) because I want to share that understanding with all my clients while they have fun!

Everybody has their own movement history and that narrative informs what I teach and how I teach it whether that means using different movement modalities or a different instructional narrative that respects injury or previous life experiences. As a trauma-informed practitioner it is my honour to create a safe space for clients to move and learn.

I started out teaching Pilates and continued to evolve my teaching as a Nutritious Movement Centre-certified Restorative Exercise Specialist-CPT and Movement for Trauma practitioner. I learn from and communicate with leading professionals in the movement world regularly so that my practice never stops growing!

In recent years I have mentored young teachers and have now created the Move SMART program. Sustainable Movement & Authentic Teaching is for all modalities of teachers and for therapeutic body-work professionals who prescribe exercise, because good teaching skills surpass all the boundaries of style and content.


It takes more than one perspective and specialty to create a full experience, so there are some amazing experts joining me:

Krisha Arbour, a long-time massage therapist and teacher at Kikkawa Massage Therapy, will join me for the anatomy lectures. We will go beyond the basics of muscles and bones to explore fascia and the nervous system. How do they work? How do they affect our work as movement teachers?

We will finish our look at the nervous system with the wonders of the vagus nerve.

After we look at the physiology of the vagus nerve, we’ll move on to Polyvagal Theory and its application to movement, trauma and teaching. You’ll learn from Marta Stothers, an energy healer and trauma worker with 30 years of international experience. As a long-time yoga practitioner and recent YTT graduate, Marta brings her perspective to both sides of the trauma-awareness issue for teachers and students, helping to fill in the gaps missing from YTT programs.

We’re going to delve deep into core work. Janet Walker, osteopath and women’s health coach, will join us for a special session on core, diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues. We need strong, functional core muscles, and there are so many stories out there about how to get them! Let’s offer our clients and students a comprehensive approach to healthy core work, and know when we can work with other health and wellness professionals to best serve that purpose.


Four weekends between April 17, 2020 - June 7, 2020

APRIL 2020


April 17, 18, 19:

  • Friday, April 17:

    • 6:00 pm-9:00 pm- Introduction and get started session.

  • Saturday, April 18:

    • 1:00 pm-7:30 pm

  • Sunday, April 19:

    • 12:00 pm-6:30 pm

      MAY 2020:

      May 2 & 3:

      • Saturday, May 2:

        • 1:00 pm-7:30 pm

      • Sunday, May 3:

        • 12:00 pm-6:30 pm

      May 23 & 24:

      • Saturday, May 23:

        • 1:00 pm-7:30 pm

      • Sunday, May 24:

        • 12:00 pm-6:30 pm

      JUNE 2020:

      June 6 & 7:

      • Saturday, June 6:

        • 1:00 pm-7:30 pm

      • Sunday, June 7:

        • 12:00 pm-6:30 pm

        In-class sessions are held at: Boomerang Pilates

        240 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ONT.

        Second floor

        Full Amount*


        CA$ + HST

        One-time payment

        You get everything listed below!

        *Available after March 17, 2020

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        • Pilates for Modern Bodies: Fundamentals of Flexion
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        CA$ + HST

        $320 deposit when you sign up

        Initial payment $320 +HST

        3 monthly payments of $320 +HST

        (monthly payments begin one month after initial payment)

        Please see our refund policy below & our terms and conditions.

        All pricing options include:


        55 in-class hours
        Personal coaching and support from Alison throughout the immersion
        1 Private session at 25% off (optional)
        15% discount on props purchased at the studio
        15% discount on classes and workshops at Boomerang during the course
        Course manual + Personal journal
        Skills to last a lifetime!


        Frequently asked questions

        Refund policy

        All refunds issued after April 1, 2020 will have a $75 administration fee.

        Once this course begins on Friday, April 17, 2020 we’ll no longer be able to issue refunds.

        Missed Sessions

        Please contact Joelle at boomerangpilatestoronto (at) gmail.com if you will miss more than one session.

        All content from a missed session/s must be covered. Some sessions will be filmed for student review or in case of a missed session.

        Not a certification course & Not for non-teachers

        This course is intended for already-certified teachers and coaches. We will explore what it is to be a teacher, ways to enhance your teaching practice and help you bring more of what you love to your students.

        Whether you are a newer teacher looking to build your practice and answer the questions your training didn’t have time to address, or a more experienced teacher looking for a deeper practice, a way to refresh your passion and bring new perspectives to your teaching, this is the program for you!

        Is there a final exam?

        This course does not require a final exam, although there will be quizzes and assignments throughout. You will receive a MoveSMART Movement Teacher’s Immersion certificate of completion at the end of the program.

        Why is there an application for the immersion?

        We ask for an application so we can understand your movement background before we get started.

        MoveSMART is an inclusive and respectful program, so your personal preferences and identifications let us know how you’d like to be addressed.

        Required texts
        • Trail Guide to the Body by Andrew Biel
        • Trail Guide to Movement by Andrew Biel
        • Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Germain-Calais
        • The Anatomy Colouring Book
        • Fascia in Motion by Elizabeth Larkham

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