Spring is coming and it’s time to free your feet from your boots. Petra and I did an hour long session of foot work last week and it felt so great we decided we would do a 7 Day Foot Challenge. Now we’ve decided to share it with you! There are no rules, be inspired and move your feet however you like! Follow a video or one of Katy Bowman’s Alignment Snacks (UnDuck Your Feet is a great one!) or free form it! Follow us and do what we do or walk your own path (see what I did there…). It’s up to you!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

mmm…grass and mud…

Get your feet on some natural surfaces. Rocks, sand, grass, mud, logs, water and moss all have different textures and stimulate a variety of muscles and balance tasks for your body. Failing that, play with textures inside. Pillows, bubble wrap, standing mats, rock trays and pieces of 2 x 4 lumber can all serve as fun tools to challenge your feet and your balance!

The perfect log for a calf stretch!


A cookie box with rice and rocks is totally transportable
with the lid on!


If you like big sensations a spiky reflexology mat is great!

Get friendly with your feet. Slide your fingers between your toes and spread them apart. Then squeeze your toes together and activate your toe muscles. Use  your thumbs to toggle the balls of your feet back and forth and articulate your metatarsals. Is your skin dry? Massage a bit of coconut or olive oil into your feet for a double benefit!

Getting a little space between your toes is a great idea. There are a number of ways to go that don’t involve sitting there with your fingers between your toes all day! The toe separators used when you paint your toenails are an inexpensive and not-too-rigorous option. If you like to multi-task, you could try My Happy Feet for toe separating socks you can wear while you walk around your house and while you sleep.  I also lucked into some less expensive versions at Bed Bath & Beyond last year. It’s amazing what you can find when you keep your eyes peeled! Joyatoes and Correct Toes are both designed to create bigger toe spaces and can be worn with your shoes if you have a big enough toe box.

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ps Want to have foot fun in person? We do at least some foot work in almost every class at the studio and you can be sure we will do lots this week! Check out the drop in schedule here and join us!

pps  Here’s a blast from the past- my first blog post! It was all about feet.

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