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Hip Clunking: simple series for better hip mobility

Hip Clunking: simple series for better hip mobility

Do you notice that your hip makes a clunking noise when you move your leg?   I have some simple exercises to help you get rid of hip clunking and get more slide and glide in your mobility!   Sometimes when I move my legs I can hear/feel a clicky kind of...

Improve your balance with these easy exercises

Improve your balance with these easy exercises

Building better balance is not only possible, it’s pretty easy! Using these simple exercises and the video tutorial, you can improve your balance, strength and mobility AND get better at catching yourself if you do start to slip.

5 Magic Moves for Back Pain Relief

5 Magic Moves for Back Pain Relief

When back pain hits and your back is tired and tweaky from shoveling or any other daily activity, these 5 simple moves will offer back pain relief, help you feel better and able to carry on your day.

Hi! I'm Alison!

I teach a spine-friendly version of Pilates and mindful, restorative exercise. And I’m your biggest cheerleader!

My classes and courses aren’t the traditional version of Pilates. It’s not about getting a 6-pack, complicated choreography or cute workout gear.

My classes are for you if you want to dive deep into how YOUR body works, no matter what issues may seem like they stop you. I want you to feel freedom in movement, even if you have limitations in physical ability. 

If you have osteoporosis, hypermobility, arthritis or chronic pain, exercising “the right way” can seem overwhelming.

I’ll help you do it safely and effectively. And I’ll cheer you on the whole way!

My approach includes exercise-specific movement, natural everyday movement and somatic body and brain exploration. I have a deep conviction that how our brains and bodies get together makes all the difference to how we feel. I combine functional alignment with intuitive movement and an emphasis on fun to help you feel better for life!

Hundreds of people have taken my group classes and online courses, or worked with me 1:1 to get stronger and more mobile and to move through everyday life with confidence and joy. 

If you’re in Toronto, find me at my studio, Boomerang Pilates on Roncesvalles Ave. If you’re not in the area, or you prefer the online experience, I have Zoom classes and on-demand courses. Whatever you need, there’s an option that serves you best. Come and join us!

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