Be CLEAR in your sessions and have your clients loving what you teach.

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Do you teach movement? Do you offer hands-on treatment and suggest exercises to your clients for their continued self-care?

Have you ever had that moment when you teach an exercise or pose and hope that your client won’t ask you why you are prescribing it? Do you secretly hope they won’t ask an in-depth question about how it works or how they could modify it because you don’t have a more detailed answer?

…or maybe you are just that competent and confident. You understand it all in your head, but you struggle to find the right words to explain it in your outside voice. Can you with your words so the client feels appropriately and can reproduce the move without your helping hand?

…and maybe you’re like me: meticulous about safeguarding the health and of your clients and want to be sure your is so precise and clear that you never leave a client uncertain or feeling incompetent after a session.

Here's the thing about teaching...

it’s not entirely about OUR competence. It is also about the clients feeling confident in THEIR competence.


Leaving your session with a feeling of trust in their amazing bodies and joy within their capacity for movement.


Creating a buzz around your business because they feel strong, confident, safe, cared for and listened to when they invest their time and money with you.

I help you strengthen your ability to help your clients move smart, move with ease, move with joy and faith in themselves and in YOU!

Then they leave to tell their friends that you helped them get there. Helped them get to that wonderful place of more. More strength, more mobility and more understanding of themselves.

Hi! I’m Alison,

I started out teaching Pilates and continued to evolve my teaching as a Nutritious Movement Centre-certified Restorative Exercise Specialist-CPT and Movement for Trauma practitioner. I learn from and communicate with leading professionals in the movement world regularly so that my practice never stops growing!

In recent years, I have mentored teachers and have now created the Move SMART program. Sustainable Movement & Authentic Teaching is for all modalities of teachers and for therapeutic bodywork professionals who prescribe exercise because good teaching skills surpass all the boundaries of style and content.



Date: Sunday, November 12, 2017 | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

The forward bend (or hip hinge) seems like such a simple, straightforward movement and yet it is fraught with potential for back and knee strain, misunderstanding and controversy!

In this one-day workshop, you will learn:
➢ Language to support client understanding of the benefits of hip-specific movements
➢ The detailed anatomy of the hip joints and surrounding muscles
➢ The relationship of the pelvis to the lumbar spine and how it affects hip flexion
➢ A wide variety of exercises, stretches and poses to safely build client strength and competence

➢ How to identify all the possible modifications clients make to get around their sticky spots
➢  How to cue clients for safety and success

“As a therapeutic yoga teacher I’ve found training with Alison invaluable to me. Better understanding how the whole body works together–in different systems and different closed chains–allows me to understand how to prioritize movement or body placement based on the function I want each exercise to have. As I work with clients with a lot of varying mobility concerns and challenges, this is invaluable information for me to have to use both in classes and with private clients.

Alison clearly explains how body systems work together with a lot of wisdom, a great sprinkling of humour, and a trauma sensitive lens (that I’m always super happy to find). She is full of care, support and encouragement for all of her students, and is obviously very passionate about her work and her clients well-being by continuing her own studies and sharing new widow learned there.

Move SMART workshops distill movement and biomechanics down to their basics–clear to the beginner, with obvious deeper layers that more experienced practitioners are exploring. Everyone in the room is passionate about their field, bringing their own wisdom to the group, and a wealth of information comes out of every discussion. I would highly recommend Alison’s training to anyone who works with bodies, one-on-one or in groups.”

Kassandra P

Theraputic Yoga Teacher

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Move SMART with Alison Crouch

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