I find boundaries a bit of a challenge. The physical ones I need to recognize and work on, the internal ones I need to hold to keep myself stable and the external ones I need to push and explore.

I have just turned 49. I think it’s going to be a good year, and I am making it the official Year of the Boundaries.

The physical boundaries are the most straightforward. I’ve realized that I may have issues with hypermobility that make me appear very flexible, but that mean I don’t have optimal support for my joints. I am experimenting with what it feels like to stop a stretch before I feel I have hit my end range, to develop a more nuanced relationship with my muscles and ligaments. Not the only way to approach this issue, but the one I am working with for the moment. This is going to be the Plasticity Protocol.

My task with internal boundaries is largely about holding firm when it comes to balancing work and life. Sound familiar anyone…? This is not an uncommon struggle, particularly if you are self-employed. Making sure I don’t answer emails at midnight, making sure I hold the same financial value for myself as I do for others, making sure I recognize when I can’t take on another client, even though they NEEEEED me… these are all things I struggle to remember. I can’t help others if I don’t have the time and energy to take care of myself, so this is going to be the Airplane Protocol (put on your own mask before others).

The external boundaries are going to be my playground for this year. I have enjoyed the hell out of my first half century, and I have 11 months left to get ready for the beginning of my second half century (and I do fully intend to get to a hale and hearty hundred). I want the second half of my life to be as full of learning and discovery as the first half was. Given that the first half included learning to walk and talk and feed myself, I need to be pretty ready to reach out and try new stuff!

I am going to use this year to practice pushing my boundaries, getting them all soft and pliable and able to expand to encompass more. I am going to get my brain and my spirit comfortable with doing things that have seemed scary or anxiety provoking, things that have been outside my daily ken.

As I have mentioned before in this blog, I am happy with the less intense work outs. I feel much the same about the rest of my life! I am pretty calm, like to read, hang out with friends and family and LOATHE roller coasters, scary movies and other adrenaline producing activities. People who love me insist I’m not boring, but they may just be humouring me… I’m also pretty happy in my routine, as us boring- I mean calm, contented- people tend to be.

So here’s what I am doing in the Say Yes Protocol:

I am learning to scuba dive. I’ve always loved to snorkel, and I’m a pretty good swimmer, but the big open ocean and the equipment involved in scuba have always made me nervous. I am getting my Open Water certification through The Dive Academy in Oakville. I can’t say enough about how thorough and supportive they are, and I am having a ton of fun. Still in the pool so far…I’ll let you know how I feel in the cold, dark waters of the Welland Canal for my open water dives!

I am doing some yoga. I know, you’re shocked. Me too. I have always felt that my flexibility wasn’t best served by yoga, and that Pilates and RE do a better job of helping me stabilize my body. Also I am of a pretty practical nature, and the work of an anatomically-based practice appeals to me. But hey, it’s the Year of the Boundaries! So I have done a few Yoga Basics classes with the lovely Lindsey at the Yoga Village. She is awesome and I will do more!

I am trying to engage (finally) in a more serious fashion with the actual business part of running Boomerang. This might just be the hardest one of all, but we’ll see how it goes! This admin thing is hard for some of us who just really want to teach movement…

I will let you know how it all goes!

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