Let’s talk about how to get better ankle mobility and improve your squats, your walk and almost everything else!

Do you struggle to get your heels on the floor in a parallel squat? Or, if you’re like me, do you struggle to not fully just fall over on your butt in a parallel squat?

Let’s talk about how to get better ankle mobility and strength with a few simple exercises.

Follow along with the exercises in the video below and you’ll be amazed at how fluid your gait is and how much easier it is to get your heels to settle towards the floor.

That extra flow that comes with better ankle mobility is also related to better hip function, better pelvic floor function and better feet. That’s a triple win if I ever heard one!

All you need for this series is a half dome or rolled towel or yoga mat and a yoga strap (or scarf or belt or other non-stretchy strap).

Of course, one session isn’t going to change things up forever and I don’t expect you’ll have a huge change right away.Ā  Better ankle mobility that actually gets your heels down is a long term process, but this is a pretty good place to start!

If you’re teaching your students how to get better ankle mobility, it’s a good idea to ask about their history. A student with a lot of sprains and a tendency to “roll over” on their ankles will benefit from lots of strengthening, and cues to imagine support and a “hug” around their ankles as they move.

Students with stiffer, less mobile ankles will do well with images of release and softness around their ankles.

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Alison Crouch

Iā€™m the owner of Boomerang Pilates and creator of the Move SMART program. I teach teachers how to incorporate sustainable movement and authentic teaching in their classes.

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