Do you have a sofa?

Most of us do. Let’s see how to use it to add some movement to your day!

Most of us get right down into that sofa, pick up a book or the remote and stay still for hours at a time. When you consider how many of us stress about getting more exercise, or have neck, back or hip pain from a lack of movement it doesn’t make much sense, does it? It isn’t a requirement of sofa use, it’s just a habit. And habits can be changed!

There are lots of ways to relax and enjoy your leisure time that don’t include sliding down into a butt-tucking, shoulder hunching shape! I know, it seems unlikely, but it’s true.

In 59 easy seconds I can show you how to get the most out of your couch time!

Even if you go to the gym or take a class diligently for every single day that still leaves 22 or 23 hours in the rest of the day! Finding ways to add gentle, more frequent movement throughout your day is vital for your health and wellbeing, and it can be done without taking more time out of your already busy life.

Once you are accustomed to moving around in your down time, the next step is to get off the sofa altogether. My living room is full of toys: a bolster, a foam roller, a 1/2 cylinder, yoga tune-up balls, a spiky ball, tennis balls, an awesome spiky mat to stand and lie on…when the tools are right there and I am on the floor it is so easy to use them! And watch Sherlock Holmes at the same time… Brea Johnson of Heart and Bones Yoga has a great post about moving more on the floor to get some ideas!

We all want the best for our health, so let’s change up some of the little things in life that make a difference!


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