I love April!

That warm smell of dirt and new growth is in the air. I can go out without a coat on and walk for hours. It’s my birth month, so there’s usually a party… : ))

This year, Boomerang is joining in with Yoga Village, who have a beautiful studio downstairs from us, to offer an April Challenge. A challenge to move into spring, mindful of opportunities for growth and renewal. It’s such a good time to focus on how we want to emerge from our winter cocoons, how to make the most of the energy in the air and the light in the sky.

So the challenge is not just to show up for class every day (although of course if you live in Toronto you are welcome to do just that). The challenge is to think about what you would like to engage with, or from what you would like to be free, and to commit to the challenge in community! Be with other folks who are trying their own thing, share stories, successes and the inevitable day when you fall down and know that it’s all good!

I have been moving less than I like recently, so my first challenge to myself is to do some form of mindful movement every day. Whether that’s a live class with the wonderful people in my neighbourhood or an online class or just half an hour on the floor at home, I commit to moving with intent every day.

Since April is also National Foot Health Awareness Month, we will also be doing lots of foot work in class and you can get started right away! Here is a little series that will help your feet feel great and get ready to bare those little piggies and here’s a little blog post all about feet!

My second challenge is to cut out sugar for 30 days. Urk. My friend Sara is doing the Whole 30 challenge which is much more rigorous. I admire her fortitude, but I’m going to stick with just sugar to start with!

(I would like to note that, as mentioned above, it’s my birthday this month, so I am categorically stating in advance that there will be an exception for cake!!! But then back on the wagon.)

Want to join in? If you are a Boomerang client, come on in and play (we even have a $20 deal on the monthly pass all through April)! If you aren’t, let me know in the comments below what you’re going to do or follow along on social media. Use the hashtag #boomerang30daychallenge so we can celebrate spring and community, no matter where we are! Are you a yogi? Tag them too at #yogavillage30daychallenge!

My other challenge is to cut down on my computer time! And so, to get started on that challenge, I’m keeping this post short and sweet.

Love to you and come on a spring journey with us!




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