l It mighiHow to make the most of your Twisted Figure 4

Start on your back, knees bent, head supported if you like or if it helps to ease your back and ribs down.

(This next part is a bit weird, but it’s how you get a really precise twist in your twisted figure 4.)

Pick up your butt and shift it a few inches to the left. Shift your feet a few inches to match up.

Place your left ankle over your right knee and then roll your legs and pelvis to the right.

If you’re uncomfortable when you bring your foot all the way to the floor, or it just won’t go there, pop a bolster of some kind under your foot and knee (a cushion, yoga block, whatever you have handy).

Now pick your head up and take a look at your torso: are you all lined up from your chin through your chest to your pelvis? If yes, great. Stay where you are. If not, shift your pelvis to the left or right to line yourself up. This alignment of your twist is part of the juicy awesomeness of this exercise. Getting all lined up might also reveal some tensions. You might want to increase the padding under your head or your foot.

Keep your left knee pointing towards the ceiling, rather than pulling it in towards the floor. 

The goal is to have your neck and shoulders relaxed, your left shoulder blade easy on the floor.

Check in with your hips… Are your hip flexors and inner thighs pretty happy? Awesome! If not, keep adding more support under your foot and knee. 

Once you’re in the position it’s time to explore.

Does this feel like a twist of your torso? If your rib cage and shoulder blades are nice and heavy, you’re getting an amazing twist for your core!

Does this feel like a stretch for your left hip? Yes? Great!

Doesn’t feel like much? That’s ok too. Sometimes it’s really good for your system to just settle into an unusual position and hang out there without any drama!

Try both sides… It might not be the same from side to side

Want something else to combine with the Twisted Figure 4 to make a more complete movement moment? Try some relaxing clocks. They’re a lovely combination.

And if your hip flexors and inner thighs were really crabby, download my free pdf for ways to avoid hip clunking. I know you aren’t hip clunking here, but the muscles are all connected and this just might help. Try the exercises in the download and then come back and do your twisted figure 4 again.

Let me know what you think. Love it? Not so much? I want to know!

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